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Because We Care

Although our products contain all natural ingredients, as with any other products new to your regimen for self-care, skin reactions can occur.  Due to our products containing essential oils this is a high possibility.

Although our products were formulated for sensitive skin inclusive of multiple skin conditions, if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions, we urge you to complete a patch test before use over the remaining portion or desired area of the body. 

If use causes an adverse reaction to your skin, discontinue immediately and consult your pharmacist, dermatologist, or PCP if the reaction doesn't cease with discontinuing the product in use.

Please be mindful that the use of oils should be applied in a slip resistant atmosphere to avoid slips and falls.

N2Skin by 4K shall not be liable for any damages of any kind that may result from use of our products.

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N2Skin by 4K

Quality Goods Guaranteed

Whether you’re looking for an exfoliating scrub, gentle facial mask, or a moisturizing body whip, N2Skin by 4K offers clients a range of all natural handmade products at competitive market rates. With just a light fragrance and the right blends of oils our line offers smoother skin and a glow in which you are after! Shop with us and let our products nurture your skin. Place your order now and await a skin journey that is sure to transition the way you treat your skin.

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N2Skin by 4K has been introduced to the world and is happy to be of assistance when it comes to obtaining healthy skin. Eczema, cracked heals, dry hands, or just typical dry skin are some areas in which our client pool have seen improvement. Contact us to learn more about this brand, and to make sure you don’t miss out on our special discounts.

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