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Hair Tonic By N2Skin by 4K

Hair Tonic By N2Skin by 4K

SKU: 2001

Have you searched to find a lightweight hair care product that will restore your shine and replinish those thinning edges, which is safe for use daily on those treses? 


We have you covered Lovelies!


Our Hair Tonics are created with a special blend of oils that are gently enough for everyday use.  


Apply to your scalp up to two times per day dependent on your porosity and hair type, and as with any new products in your care routine always test a small section first.


We cannot wait to see you acheive your hair goals.


As we continue to grow we want you know as a valued customer we will always do our best to offer the greatest  Customer Perks!  We are happy to  welcome you to the N2Skin by 4K Family.

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