Creamsicle Delight

Creamsicle Delight

SKU: 003

This Scrub features an amazingly balanced combination of Orange essential oil and vanilla by way of suggestion of one of our customers.  It is a lightly scented body scrub inclusive of essential oils for healing and fragrance, alongside coconut oil for mositurizing, and epsom salts for exfoliation.


Great for a Take Along to the Spa or simply for a DIY session at home! 


Application-apply to clean and damp portion of the desired location on your body, rub in for 30seconds up to 2 minutes depending on the severity of your desired area of application, rinse well with warm water, and finally ending with patting the skin dry.






    This product is made with all natural essential oils, epsom salt, and coconut oil. This blended combination is sure to exfoliate your skin while moisturizing and replinishing your skin to a healthy state of hydration. This scrub is used primarily on the hands and feet which are prone to becoming dry. However, it makes a great exfoliant for the rest of the body as well. Great to take along for a spa day, pedi and mani session, or just as a personal hygeine tool.


    Due to the current pandemic we are truly sorry but can not accept any returns due to the nature of the product being a personal hygeine item.  Should you experience any negative occurences with packaging or our product, please contact customer service via email at  putting Problem as your subject line.  We do appreciate your understanding and will continue to do our best to highly satisfy our client base.


    Due to the product packaging being glass, your shipping is based on the weight of your total package.  Should you have any questions regarding orders or shipping cost, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Amazing Customer Care team via email at .