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Small Strokes



Actual Customer Reviews

"Received my order on yesterday.  Extremely fast shipping!!! Love the Lemon Lush!! Smells great and my skin is so soft Can't wait to try the other fragrances."

~Courtney McIntyre

"I'm so thankful for these body scrubs because I have sensitive skin and eczema flare ups quite often.  The Scenty Minty is perfect and for me it has really become a saving grace to heal my extra dry and cracked hands. No irritation or burning after I use it on my hands and body and apply lotion. Definitely a keeper for my skin regimen! Thnk you so much for these amazing products!!!"

~Ashley Heaton

"These scrubs are amazing.  My favorites are Lemon Lush by Kami and Tangy Tangerine by Kylee only bc I'm a citrus kinda girl.  These products have the perfect amount of each ingredient.  I love that they aren't too greasy and I didn't need a moisturizer after. N2Skin by 4K is definitely apart of my skin care regimen."

~ Fanci Lashes

"After much persuasion to use the body scrubs and not to hoard it, because it's oh so cute, I did! Not only does it smell great but it left my skin silky smooth fresh out the shower and no need for any additional moisturizer or lotion.  I have three more to use and will be ordering again..."

~Jipse Ners

"Yes I love their products! It's amazing! The body scrubs melt into you skin feeling smooth and best in the shower on my 2nd order!!

~Shaneria Thompson (Elite Top Customer)

"The body scrubs have my body feeling so smooth I highly recommend this product. I will definitely be ordering more soon."

~Deneshia Lasha

"Received my products a few days ago.  First I loved the packaging. It was packed with love. The scrubs were so soft and made your skin feel so light and clean. The lip scrubs, according to my teenage daughter, felt really good on her lips, it wasn't greasy like most  yet it was moist and made her lips feel hydrated. I highly recommend all the products to anyone!!!

~Lashawne Shoats Graham

"I love my products! Makes my skin feel so soft and small great!"

~Nicole Robinson

"Love the product!!! After using leaves my skin soo soft and smooth not to mention smelling good!!! Will be ordering again but this time more of it!!!"

~Aerial Hillmon (Elite Customer)

"We're so very pleased with our results!! My baby's eczema is more moderate to severe & I really hate using steroids and harsh lotions! You cannot imagine my surprise & gratitude after only one use of this product!! Not only did she love the smell ( lavender bliss) but she was happy to assist mommy in applying it during her bath. Would recommend 10/10."

~Marina Garcia-LuCiano 

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